Aim and scope


Computer Science Logic (CSL) is the annual conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). The conference is intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians working on issues significant for computer science. 

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The 21st EACSL Annual Conferences on Computer Science Logic  will be held in the main building of the IUT Fontainebleau (3-6 September 2012) of UPEC Université.


 Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • automated deduction and interactive theorem proving
  • constructive mathematics and type theory
  • equational logic and term rewriting
  • automata and games, game semantics
  • modal and temporal logic
  • model checking
  • decision procedures
  • logical aspects of computational complexity
  • finite model theory
  • computational proof theory
  • Bounded arithmetic and propositional proof complexity
  • logic programming and constraints
  • lambda calculus and combinatory logic
  • domain theory
  • categorical logic and topological semantics
  • database theory
  • specification, extraction and transformation of programs
  • logical aspects of quantum computing
  • logical foundations of programming paradigms
  • verification and program analysis
  • linear logic
  • higher-order logic
  • nonmonotonic reasoning


CSL is organized in association with the Alan Turing year.

You can also submitted to the Ackermann Award : EACSL

Contacts program committee : cegielski [at] and durand [at] 

Contacts administration : cegielski [at] and pierre.valarcher [at]