Monday, September 3, 2012

8h30 – 9h25 Registration

9h25 – 9h30 Conference opening

9h30 – 10h30 Invited Lecture by Stephen Cook Connecting Complexity Classes, Weak Formal Theories, and Propositional Proof Systems

10h30 – 10h55 Pawel Parys Variants of Collapsible Pushdown Systems

10h55 – 11h20 Coffee break

11h20 – 11h45 Alberto Carraro and Antonino Salibra On the equational consistency of order-theoretic models of lambda calculus

11h45 – 12h10 Alexander Leitsch, Giselle Reis, and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo Towards CERes in intuitionistic logic

12h10 – 12h35 Wied Pakusa, Bjarki Holm, Anuj Dawar, Eryk Kopczynski, and Erich Grädel Definability of linear equation systems over groups and rings

12h35 – 13h Lukasz Kaiser and Simon Leßenich A Counting Logic for Structure Transition Systems

13h – 14h30 Lunch

14h30 – 14h55 Johann Makowsky and Tomer Kotek Connection Matrices and the Definability of Graph Parameters

14h55 – 15h20 Johann Brault-Baron A Negative Conjunctive Query is Easy if and only if it is Beta-Acyclic

15h20 – 15h45 Lars Birkedal, Filip Sieczkowski, and Jacob Thamsborg A Concurrent Logical Relation

15h45 – 16h10 Manuel Bodirsky and Michal Wrona Equivalence Constraints

16h10 – 16h30 Coffee break

16h30 – 16h55 Manfred Kufleitner and Pascal Weil The FO2 alternation hierarchy is decidable

16h55 – 17h20 Antti Kuusisto, Jeremy Meyers, and Jonni Virtema Undecidable First-Order Theories of Affine Geometries


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9h00 – 10h Invited Lecture by Inês Lynce Satisfiability: where Theory meets Practice

10h00 – 10h25 Nathalie Bertrand , John Fearnley, and Sven Schewe Bounded Satisfiablity for PCTL

10h25 – 10h50 Alexander Rabinovich A  Proof of Kamp's  theorem

10h50 – 11h20 Coffee break

11h20 – 11h45 Thomas Ehrhard An application of the extensional collapse of the relational model of linear logic

11h45 – 12h10 Henry Deyoung , Luís Caires , Frank Pfenning, and Bernardo Toninho Cut Reduction in Linear Logic as Asynchronous Session-Typed Communication

12h10 – 12h35 Kaustuv Chaudhuri, Dale Miller, and Stefan Hetzl A Systematic Approach to Canonicity in the Classical Sequent Calculus

12h35 – 13h Stefan Hetzl and Lutz Strassburger Herbrand-Confluence for Cut Elimination in Classical First Order Logic

13h –14h30 Lunch

14h30 – 14h55 Federico Aschieri Interactive Realizability for Classical Peano Arithmetic with Skolem Axioms

14h55 – 15h20 Satoru Kuroda Axiomatizing proof tree concepts in bounded arithmetic

15h20 – 15h45 Boris Düdder , Moritz Martens, Jakob Rehof, and Paweł Urzyczyn Bounded Combinatory Logic

15h45 – 16h10 Emanuel Kieronski and Jakub Michaliszyn Two-Variable Universal Logic with Transitive Closure

16h10 – 16h30 Coffee break

Session Ackermann Award

16h30 – 16h45 Laudatio

16h45 – 17h45 Ackermann Lecture


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9h00 – 10h Invited Lecture by Serge Abiteboul Sharing Distributed Knowledge on the Web

10h00 – 10h25 Krishnendu Chatterjee, Siddhesh Chaubal, and Pritish Kamath Faster Algorithms for Alternating Refinement Relations

10h25 – 10h50 Patrick Baillot and Ugo Dal Lago Higher-order Interpretations and Program Complexity

10h50 – 11h20 Coffee break

11h20 – 11h45  Dietrich Kuske Isomorphisms of scattered automatic linear orders

11h45 – 12h10 Robert Atkey Relational Parametricity for Higher Kinds

12h10 – 13h30 Lunch

14h00 Visit of Château de Fontainebleau(first group)

15h30 Visit of Château de Fontainebleau(second group)

17h30 EACSL Business Meeting

19h50 – 22h30 Conference Dinner


Thursday, September 6, 2012

9h00 – 10h Invited Lecture by Johann Makowsky Definability and Complexity of Graph Parameters

10h00 – 10h25 Takanori Hida A Computational Interpretation of the Axiom of Determinacy in Arithmetic

10h25 – 10h50 Stefano Berardi and Ugo De Liguoro Knowledge Spaces and the Completeness of Learning Strategies

10h50 – 11h20 Coffee break

11h20 – 11h45 Thorsten Altenkirch and Ondrej Rypacek A syntactical approach to weak omega-groupoids

11h45 – 12h10 Erich Grädel and Simon Lessenich Banach-Mazur Games with Simple Winning Strategies

12h10 – 12h35 Martin Grohe and Martin Otto Pebble games and linear equations

12h35 – 13h Jean-Pierre Jouannaud and Jian-Qi Li Church-Rosser Properties of Normal Rewriting

13h – 14h30 Lunch

14h30 – 14h55 Zhilin Wu Commutative Data Automata

14h55 – 15h20 Chantal Keller and Marc Lasson Parametricity in an Impredicative Sort

15h20 – 15h45 Jacek Chrząszcz and Aleksy Schubert ML with PTIME complexity guarantees

15h45 – 16h10  Étienne Grandjean and Frédéric Olive Descriptive complexity for pictures languages